6.3.1: Invoice and Receivables Summary Updates

 Release Recap

The 6.3.1 release contains updates to invoices and the Receivables Summary section, as well as bug fixes.

The following new features and functionality have been released in Behaviorsoft:

  • The following are new invoice features:
    • A “Send Reminder” button has been added to the Invoice table, allowing users to send reminders to clients for pending invoices.
    • A new tab “Charge Log” has been added for users to view invoices by date, time, user, description, and address.
  • The following are new Receivables Summary features:
    • A “Manually Record Payment” button has been added to for users to post a payment for each billing item.
    • A “Set Claim Paid Completely” button has been added to mark claims as paid.
  • Various small User Interface (UI) enhancements and bug fixes.
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