6.0.2: Analyst Notes, Claims, and CMS 1500 Form Updates

Release Recap

The 6.0.2 release contains updates to Analyst Notes, claims, and the CMS 1500 form. 

The following new features and functionality have been released in Behaviorsoft:

  • The Taxonomy code is now sent automatically in electronic claims when required by the payor.
  • The following updates have been made to Analyst Notes:
    • A “Caregiver Feedback” section has been added.
    • A “48 hours compliance on notes” feature has been added and will display 48 hour on Progress and/or Analyst Notes.
  • In the Clients tab, users can order clients by case number.
  • The following are claims visual updates:
    • The “Claim Type” field has been changed to “Behaviorsoft Claim Status.”
    • An “Add Charge Entry” tab has been added.
  • Archived Places of Service have been removed from the “Places of Service” drop-down.
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