December 2021 Release Highlights

We’ve added several enhancements and some new features to Behaviorsoft. Take a look at some of the items below.

Clinical Data Collection Enhancements 

  • Client sorting option:
    • Sort ascending or descending by “Case#” from the clients tab.
  • Visit timer:
    • In the event that a therapist inadvertently leaves a visit open, the visit timer will now automatically end at 12 hours.
  • Signatures:
    • If a signature has been removed from a visit, the provider can now re-sign the visit in the mobile application and deleted signatures can now be recovered from the Trash Bin.
  • Progress & analyst notes:
    • A new “Caregiver Feedback” section has been added.
    • A “48 hours compliance on notes” feature has been added and will display 48 hour on Progress and/or Analyst Notes.
    • The client “Date of Birth” has been added.

Practice Management Enhancements

  • Introducing CMS 1500 Form! 
    • For those payors that require paper CMS 1500 forms, you can generate an editable CMS 1500 form to download and submit to those payors.

  • Billing summary filters and sorting options:

    • New filters are available on the billing summary page for remits and claims. You can now filter by date, clients and claim status.
    • In the billing summary, users can sort ascending or descending on several columns.
  • Billing summary remit enhancement:
    • From the remit details page you can now print to PDF. This allows you to download and save the remit for uploading directly to a secondary payer portal or for printing and sending manually.
  • Payroll summary option:
    • The Payroll Summary now has the option to display all therapists.
  • Administrator settings:
    • The "Settings" drop-down list for administrators have been organized based on most commonly used areas. The new list order includes:
      • General Settings
      • Financial Settings “NEW”
      • Behavior Analysis
      • Mental Health
      • Initial Setup
    • “Financial Settings” have been added to the administrator settings. The following sections are available in this new settings section:
      • Billing codes
      • Payment Collection Setup
      • Payer

To learn more about what updates and features were included with each version released in December, visit our release notes for:

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