6.2: New Invoice Features, and Caregiver Portal and Billing Updates

Release Recap

The 6.2 release contains new invoice features, such as private pay, and updates to the Caregiver Portal and billing section.

The following new features and functionality have been released in Behaviorsoft:

  • New features have been released to the Invoices section:
    • An “Invoice Configuration” button has been added to the Financial Settings section. Admins can enter the invoice default terms and general notes.
    • Invoices and billable items can now be generated for additional services as private pay. An “Add Billing Item” button has been added to the Billing Summary screen for users to add visits or items.
    • Invoices can be printed as PDF documents for admins to provide clients with.
    • When editing an invoice, a new “Add Billing Item” button has been added for users to add billing items for invoices with a “Draft” status.
    • Invoices can now be modified and deleted:
      • A “trash can” icon has been added to the Billing Items section of invoices. After deleting a billing item, the status is changed to “not attached.”
      • A “pencil” icon has been added to the Billing Items section of invoices for users to manually make edits.
      • An “undo” button has been added to the Billing Items section of invoices for users to undo any changes made without exiting out of the invoice modal.
  • The following updates have been made to the Billing Summary section:
    • An “Invoice ID” column has been added to the Billing Items table in the Invoices tab.
    • After adding visits, the “Client responsibility” field in the Claim screen will then populate in the Billing Items section.
    • If there is an error when sending claims, a message will display notifying users of the issue.
    • The “Create Claim(s)” button has been renamed to “Create Receivable(s)” for users to create receivables inside of visits.
    • When sorting claims in the Billing Summary section, the “BEHAVIORSOFT CLAIM STATUS” column now sorts alphabetically.
    • In the Billing Summary screen, users can select the “Create Billable Item” button to add a visit and complete the following fields:
      • Client
      • Name
      • Description
      • Quantity
      • Rate
      • Tax
      • Total
  • When editing or adding Billing Codes a new “Rendering Provider Override” checkbox has been added for admins to override the credentials sent to payors.
  • When adding or updating replacements in clients’ profiles, if the character count is greater than 255, an error message will display.
  • Admins can assign a different supervisor for each therapist at the client-level. In a client’s profile, after selecting the “+” next to each personnel, users can add supervisors’ first and last names.
  • The following are Receivables Summary updates:
    • Users can manage account receivables by viewing paid invoices and collecting client payments. For pending invoices with archived clients, the "Clients" drop-down will now default to "All" and include archived and deleted clients.
    • The “Claims Service Line Item(s)” table has been renamed to “Claims” where service lines can be bundled accordingly. A “Claim ID” column has been added.
    • The issue preventing the Claims Preview & Remits screen from displaying after selecting Claim ID and ERA links has been resolved. Modals will display as expected.
  • The following are Caregiver Portal updates:
    • A message will display in the Account Balance section when processing payments to prevent overpayments.
    • The issue causing the Account Balance section to redirect users back to the dashboard after making a payment has been resolved. A confirmation message will appear after making a payment, as expected.
    • Caregivers will receive a notification via email when an invoice is sent to clients.
  • A “Primary Payer ID” column has been added to the Client import.
  • A “Tax Rate” button has been added to the Financial Settings section. Users can add, edit, or delete tax rates and names.
  • Therapists can now be notified by admins once a day of expired and expiring documents. If an admin tries to notify a therapist a second time, a message will state, “Only one email notification can be sent per day. One has been sent in the last 24 hrs. Please try again tomorrow.”
  • Admins can now transfer clients from organization to organization, creating a copy of the client’s profile in the new organization’s account. The following fields are copied over to the new profile:
    • The client’s profile:
      • Main tab or the client details
      • Address tab
      • Medication tab
      • Caregivers tab
      • Maladaptives tab
      • Replacements/Skills tab
      • ABA notes
      • Progress notes (except signature)
      • Analyst notes (except signature)
      • Caregiver/Guardian Competencies (except signature)
    • The therapist’s profile:
      • General Information
      • Private Information
      • Training/Supervision (dates only)
      • Therapist Type (except taxonomy code)
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