6.1.1: Billing and CMS 1500 Form Updates

Release Recap

The 6.1.1 release contains a new category “Financial Settings” to the Admin/Portal, and billing and CMS 1500 form updates. 

The following new features and functionality have been released in Behaviorsoft:

  • A new category “Financial Settings” has been added under General Settings in the Admin/Portal Settings. Admins can edit invoices by selecting “Invoice Configuration” under Financial Settings. The following sections are under this new category:
    • Billing codes
    • Payment Collection Setup
    • Payer
  • The “Invoices” section under “General Settings” has been removed. Subscription invoices is only available in the admin “Profile” section.
  • The following CMS 1500 form fixes have been implemented:
    • For claims with Aetna as a payor, the ZZ and 24J fields now display on the same line. 
    • For claims with Medicaid as a secondary payor, the G2 and 24J fields now display on the same line. 
  • A “Date of Birth” field has been added to Progress and Analyst Notes.
  • The issue causing previously entered Daily Notes with a Maladaptive Rate to disappear for some users has been resolved.
  • The issue for some users that caused claims to reflect primary payors as the payor when a secondary payer billing code or archived payor billing code is assigned to a visit has been resolved.
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