6.1: Introducing the CMS 1500 Form

Release Recap

The 6.1 release introduces the CMS 1500 form and updates to visits.

The following new features and functionality have been released in Behaviorsoft:

  • Users can now print and download the CMS 1500 form.
  • The “Referring Physician Name” field in client profiles has been updated to “Referring Physician First Name,” “Referring Physician Middle Name,” and “Referring Physician Last Name” to comply with new requirements from some payors.
  • In progress visits will be stopped if they are marked as completed in the Billing Summary.
  • The Payroll Summary now has the option to display all therapists.
  • Completed Training/Supervision visits for clients connected to Tellus will no longer automatically be sent to Tellus.
  • The issue causing the application to allow users to start another visit when one is currently in progress has been resolved. If a visit is in progress, another visit cannot be started.
  • The Visit timer now automatically ends at 12 hours. This addresses the issue of visits being inadvertently left open for by therapists. 
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