9.0: Introducing, CR Elements Clinical and Custom Programs

Release Recap 

The 9.0 release introduces the integration of CR Elements clinical and custom programs into CR Essentials on the web and mobile application. Version 9.0 also contains a new permission in the Company Settings for users on version 4.3.1 of the mobile application. 

The following new features and functionality have been released in CR Essentials: 

  • Users can assign CR Elements skills to their clients in addition to the CR Essentials Standard skills using an extensive library of 8 content areas, 26 repertoires, 417 skills, and instructional arrangements, such as Naturalistic Instruction, Discrete Trial, or Frequency Building. Skills are assigned the same as CR Essentials’ Standard replacement/skills.
    • Users can quickly navigate through all content areas, repertoires, skills, and instructional arrangements available in CR Elements by clicking through the hierarchy in an intuitive user interface. 
    • Using the search bar, key terms can be searched to find relevant content areas, repertoires, skills, and instructional arrangements. 
    • When an instructional arrangement is selected, users can view the available steps. 
      • Please note, not all steps are available for assignment. For access to all 3,416 available steps, contact Support or your Sales representative at (800) 939-5414 to upgrade to the Premium Clinical Programs. 
    • When a user assigns a client a step, they can view and modify: 
        • Minimum and maximum trials 
        • Dependent Variable
      • Users can also select available targets or create their own using the drop-down. 
    • Click here to learn how to use CR Elements on the web. 
  • Clinical data can be collected on the web and mobile application for assigned CR Elements steps by using the current data collection process on a Progress/Analyst Note in the “Replacements & Skills” section. Click here to learn how to use CR Elements from the mobile application. 
  • Premium Clinical Program Subscribers can create custom programs by cloning CR Elements, uploading their custom programs, and editing them on the web. Please note, programs must be renamed after cloning.
    • After cloning, uploading, and editing, programs can be assigned to clients to collect data.
    • Click here to learn more about custom programs. 
  • A new permission, “Allow Analysts and Therapists to modify visits after scheduled end time” has been added to Company Settings under the “Therapist & Analyst Permissions” section. If this permission is disabled, providers cannot edit their visits on the web or mobile application after the scheduled end time.
    • Please note, to utilize this permission, users must upgrade their CR Essentials mobile application to version 4.3.1.
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