7.3: Billing Enhancements

Release Recap

The 7.3 release contains billing enhancements, including the ability to update claims in the Receivables Summary, edit draft invoices, and adjust the “write off” amount in claims.

The following new features and functionality have been released in CR Essentials:

  • Users can now manually update claims in the Receivables Summary screen to reflect the amount received from the payer.
  • Customer admins can now:
    • Update draft invoice descriptions.
    • Adjust the “write off” amount for a claim by line item.
    • Edit the quantity, rate, and prepaid amounts for billing items in an invoice.
  • The following updates have been made to meet payer requirements:
    • Some payers require provider information in loop 2310B of the 837 form if a claim has service lines with the same rendering provider. Customer admins can now select “send rendering provider in header” to meet this requirement.
    • Customers can now set billing codes as flat rates for visits for payers requiring a flat rate.
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