8.6: Introducing the Supervisor Log Report

Release Recap 

The 8.6 release introduces the ability for admins and super users to view, edit, and create Supervisor Logs. This functionality was previously available only to our Customer Support.  

The following new features and functionality have been released in CR Essentials: 

  • A Supervisor Log report has been added to the “Misc" section of the navigation bar on the left-hand side for admins and super users to view different supervisors and therapists by date.
    • Please note, admins have access to this feature by default, but super users need to enable the “Manager Supervisor Log” permission in their User Settings. 
    • Supervisor Logs can be filtered by therapists and by period. 
    • Users can view the default supervisor and the client supervisor per therapist. 
    • Entries can be added, edited, and deleted. After adding, editing, or deleting an entry, a record of the change is added to the user’s Logs and Activity.
      • Please note, when making changes to the Supervisor Log, this will directly impact supervision reports, visits being sent to the Clearinghouse, and may have other downstream impacts. 
    • The report can also be downloaded or printed.
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