8.5: Introducing Group Therapy

Release Recap 

The 8.5 release introduces Group Therapy, the ability for providers to have multiple clients in a session. 

The following new features and functionality have been released in CR Essentials: 

  • An “Enable Group Therapy” option has been added to the Company Settings. After enabling group therapy, the Clients section on the left-hand side will change to “Clients & Groups” for users to add groups with multiple clients and therapists.
    • Please note, groups must have at least one location and clients can always be added or removed from the group. 
  • Calendars can now be created for group therapy for users to schedule visits. Visits are visible under both the therapist’s and individual client’s calendars, as well as on the group calendar. Visits on the group calendar are also displayed in a different color. The calendar will update after data collection has started.
  • Therapists can collect data and add notes for the group, and for each client individually. Maladaptives, Replacements & Acquisitions, and Additional Client Data sections are included for each client.
  • Each client will have a Progress Note for the group therapy session, which includes group comments and the collected data.  
  • In the Billing Summary, group visits can be identified with a “G” in the ID column. When the visit is marked as completed, it applies to all clients in the group. Separate claims are then created for each individual client.
  • A “Group” column has been added to the Billing Codes screen for users to add their rate and codes for each client in the group.
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