8.5.7: Customizable Billing Providers and Financial Settings Enhancements

Release Recap 

The 8.5.7 release introduces the ability to allow users to create and use a customized billing provider for each payor, as well as enhancements to the Financial Settings. 

The following new features and functionality have been released in CR Essentials: 

  • Enhancements have been made to Financial Settings to consolidate the following functionality in “Other Financial Settings":
    • Invoice Configuration 
    • Sales Tax Rate
  • Users can create an optional billing provider by completing the "Optional Billing Provider" form in Other Financial Settings. Optional billing providers can be either organizations or individuals.
  • In the Advanced Settings of the Payer Edit screen, users can override the default billing provider with an optional billing provider by selecting “override billing provider" and selecting the billing provider from the dropdown. The optional billing provider’s information will then be submitted for the claims process.
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