7.0.1: New Billing Code Field and Cancelled Visit Improvements

Release Recap

The 7.0.1 release contains improvements to cancelled visits, the ability to archive Therapist Types, and a new mandatory Florida Medicaid billing code field.

The following new features and functionality have been released in Behaviorsoft:

  • The following improvements have been made to cancelled visits:
    • Visits can now be marked as cancelled so that users can account for these and potentially bill their clients.
    • Visits can be marked as cancelled in the therapists calendar and the therapist can provide a reason for the cancellation. The cancelled visit will appear in the Billing Summary.
    • Admins can globally set cancellation reasons in company settings.
    • A non cancelled visit can occur at the same time as a cancelled visit.
  • A billing authorization for a client can include several CPT codes with different modifiers, but they need to share the same amount of units for users to accurately track their authorization consumption. Users can also group CPT codes in clients’ Authorization tabs when adding or editing a payer authorization.
  • When creating or editing behaviors, users can automatically set the Y-axis based on the data, or manually set it when creating or editing Maldaptives and Replacements/Skills.
  • Therapist Types can now be archived by admins.
  • All therapists can now be downloaded in the Payroll Summary.
  • The mandatory field for Florida Medicaid billing code 97155 (protocol modification) has been added. 
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