8.0: Introducing the Custom Form Builder

Release Recap

The 8.0 release introduces the Custom Form Builder, a simple way for providers to create custom forms to collect or pre-fill information directly in Behaviorsoft. 

The following new features and functionality have been released in Behaviorsoft:

Introducing the Custom Form Builder

Introducing the Custom Form Builder, which allows providers to create customizable forms for collecting or pre-filling information directly in Behaviorsoft. Customizable forms can be created for, but not limited to, client or caregiver intake, assessments, treatment plans, multi-disciplinary, Progress Notes (web only), and internal documentation and certifications. The Custom Form Builder is located in the General Settings, but forms can be accessed throughout Behaviorsoft once created.

  • Users can create customizable forms and access all fields within each form.
  • Forms contain smart fields, which pre-fill client data already entered in the platform.
  • After creation, forms are housed throughout Behaviorsoft.

Click here to watch the recorded webinar to learn more about the new Form Builder.

Payer and Claims Updates

  • When claims are submitted, copies of the CMS-1500, 837, and electronic claims will now be saved in the claim history.
  • A “Send as Service Facility in Claims” checkbox has been added to the Add New Client Address modal within the Clients tab and is used in Field 32 of the CMS 1500 form. This is a requirement for certain payers when the facility address is different than the billing provider’s address.
  • Once the checkbox is selected, users can add an NPI number if it is different than the billing provider’s NPI number.
  • The following updates have been made to the New Payer and Payer Edit screens:
    • Advanced claim settings have been consolidated in a new section of the payer settings to make navigating and editing easier.
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