Edit a billing code or time for a visit that has been already completed

To edit a visit that is completed or locked, will only be possible for Administrator users and Superusers with Billing access.

To successfully apply changes to these locked visits, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have the correct Date and Time of the visit by checking in the client´s calendar.
Visits should have the lock icon, this means they´ve been marked as completed in the Billing Summary or through the CRE Data Collection App.
  1. In the left navigation panel, go to Billing Summary. To find the visit more easily, filter the Date, the Client, and the Therapist. Also, in the Visit Status dropdown select Visits Completed.
Visit Status should show as "Visit Completed"
  1. Click on the Edit button.

Editing the Billing Code

You will be able to edit the billing code for the visit by clicking in the Billing Code dropdown and selecting the new code.

If you have Auto Generated codes means you don´t have a code for the service you are trying to schedule.

Editing the Visit Time

Scheduled Time: This is the time that the visit was originally scheduled.

Actual Time: This is the time that the therapist Started/Ended the session.

When editing the Visit time you will need to input the correct time of the visit on the Invoice Times Override. Type in the Start time and End Time on the boxes.

Finally, you need to select a reason for the changes from the Manual Override Reason dropdown.

  1. Click on Save.
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