Supervision Log

The supervision log contains historical information about who has been the supervisor of a therapist on a case. It is found on the left navigation menu.

Supervisor Log screenshot

It is available for administrators and superusers who have the "Manage Supervisor Log" permission turned on.

Manage Supervisor Log" permission

In the supervisor log, you can select whatever timeframe you wish to see (which will show you active records during the selected time frame) and you can also filter by a specific therapist (supervisee). Therapists are in the second column, the third column has the list of clients in alphabetical order, and the fourth column contains the name of the supervisor.

From this screen, you can add, edit, or delete supervision records. These affect 2 things: 1) the supervisor credentials used on the claims and 2) the supervisor report in which the supervised visits are (you need to remove signatures from these in order for them to update).

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