4.2: Introducing HIPAA-Compliant Offline Mode for Mobile

Release Recap 

The 4.2 Mobile release contains the ability to use the mobile application when offline and includes updates to the Home and Messages pages. 

The following new features and functionality have been released in CR Essentials’ mobile application: 

  • Introducing HIPAA-compliant offline mode, the ability to use the mobile application without an internet connection. 
    • While offline, users can:
      • Collect all clinical data, including session timers.
      • Start, track time, and end visits.
      • View client data and therapist certifications.
      • Log in for up to 7 days without an internet connection.
        • For new mobile users to utilize offline mode, logging in and connecting with the internet first is required before switching to offline mode.
        • If the session expires during offline mode, a pop-up will display notifying users they need to connect to the internet.
      • A “satellite” icon will display on the bottom right of the navigation bar to notify users they are offline. The Home page will also state “Offline Mode”.
    • While offline, users CANNOT:
      • Create new events
      • Edit existing events
      • Cancel or delete existing events
      • Create new non-billable events
      • Edit existing non-billable events
      • Delete existing non-billable events 
  • The following enhancements have been made to the Home page: 
    • The current application version will now be displayed.
    • Redundant navigation buttons to View Schedule and Log Client Data have been removed.
    • The settings/gear icon is only visible on the Home page. Users can use this to edit their profile pictures and change organizations.
  • The “Messages” page and icon has been sunset.

Offline Mode Best Practices 

Offline mode stores the latest data of each screen users view while online.

  • Before first time use: 
    • Since there will be no data loaded on the application, you will need to go online and navigate to each screen you want to use. Once you view a screen, the application will save this information and will be accessible when offline.
      • For example:
        1. Navigate to the data screen and select a client 
        2. Load the client’s data. This client’s data will now be ready and accessible when offline.
  • While online, navigate to each screen you will need to use when offline, to ensure you have the latest data.
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